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Searching for a 120-Hour TEFL Course? You are in the right place!
Want to teach English online ? You are in the right place!

TEFL is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. By completing the TEFL Professional Development Institute 120-Hour TEFL Course, you will be ready to confidently lead English language classes online, at home, or aboard. 

We at The I Teach Globally have simplified the TEFL teacher training and certification process to help you gain the skills of a modern, qualified, and professional TEFL teacher. We aim to make education accessible to everyone through our 120-hour Online TEFL Course.

The 120-hour TEFL certificate is required to teach online and/or internationally. A TEFL certificate is your first step to a new career, new opportunities, and new adventures.

Course Outcomes

a TEFL course, accompanied by certification, equips you with the skills, credentials, and confidence to embark on a fulfilling journey as an English language teacher, both domestically and internationally, and especially in the online teaching realm.

Taking a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course can lead to several valuable outcomes, including:

Teaching Skills: You'll gain the essential teaching skills and techniques needed to effectively instruct non-native English speakers.

Teaching Opportunities: TEFL certification opens doors to teaching English abroad, online, or in a classroom, providing you with a range of exciting job prospects.

Certification: Achieving TEFL certification demonstrates your competence and commitment as an English teacher, which is often a prerequisite for online teaching positions.

Confidence: The course boosts your confidence in the classroom or virtual setting, enabling you to engage and motivate students effectively.

Global Impact: You'll have the chance to make a positive impact on students' lives by helping them improve their English language proficiency, regardless of where they are in the world.

Cultural Exchange: TEFL often involves teaching in different countries or to diverse online audiences, allowing you to immerse yourself in new cultures and experiences.

Personal Growth: Teaching English can be a highly rewarding experience, contributing to your personal growth and adaptability.

Course Curriculum

1 The TEFL Domain

Summary This is the main course you can complete to earn your TEFL certificate. Modules Each available module needs to be completed before the exam may be attempted Remember Remember: In this Module and the Modules to come, we will focus on the practical issues you need to know. We will not take up your time by going on and on about some obscure, theoretical point.

2 Quiz 1 [Quiz]
45 Min

1 The Competent EFL Teacher

2 Quiz 2 [Quiz]
45 Min

1 Your EFL Learners

2 Quiz 3 [Quiz]
45 Min

1 Dealing with Grammar

2 Quiz 4 [Quiz]
45 Min

1 Challenging Language Components

2 Quiz 5 [Quiz]
45 Min

1 Teaching the Four Skills

2 Quiz 6 [Quiz]
45 Min

1 First-Class Lesson Planning

2 Quiz 7 [Quiz]
45 Min

1 Fundamental Teaching Skills

2 Supplementary Materials continued

3 Teaching to the Multicultural Classroom

4 Teaching from a Textbook

5 Effective Use of Technology in the Classroom

6 How to Teach English Online

7 Presenting Online Classes to Younger Learners

8 Making Effective Use of Materials when Teaching Online

Break time. Then, come back and have a go at Quiz 8. It’s not at all challenging. Good luck! After that, we’ll move on to Module 9, where we will focus in-depth on successful classroom management. It’s vital that you manage your class well, so absorb all the points and put these into action in your classroom. Again, we’ll cover very important elements that are not in some other TEFL courses.

9 Quiz 8 [Quiz]
45 Min

1 Classroom Management Success

2 Quiz 9 [Quiz]
45 Min

1 Teaching Young Learners

2 Quiz 10 [Quiz]
45 Min

1 Classroom Management

2 Quiz 11 [Quiz]
12 Min

1 Learning Strategies

2 Quiz 12 [Quiz]
12 Min

1 Teaching Methods

2 Quiz 13 [Quiz]
12 Min

1 Lesson Planing

2 Quiz 14 [Quiz]
9 Min

1 Pre-Exam Summary


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